The future of draught between dramatization & innovation

The Celli Group is one of the world leaders in the design and manufacturing of beverage tapping and dispensing systems. The appeal of this business is based on the combination between its strong traditional features and great innovation

Draught is one of the most ancient ways of consumption, with rituality and dramatization which enrich the experience itself, becoming indispensable elements. 
Prompted by this broad vision of its business, in May 2017 the Celli Group acquired Angram Ltd, a British company with over 40 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing the finest-quality beer towers, engines, handles and more for cask, beer and cider brands: the Company mission is to help them to look better, perform better and stand out from the crowd.

Angram dominates the UK market with its knowledge in beer pump draught for ales. A talented and highly skilled team with over 50 employees, a sales, manufacturing, storage and distribution centre exceeding 3,000 m² in Thirsk – the Angram site in Northern Yorkshire that it’s entirely dedicated to the manufacture of both traditional, custom and free-flow cask beer pump versions – and a customer base including some of the most prestigious names in the world of draught and English pubs.

Moving production to a dedicated site is the first step towards optimising flows, with special focus on a product that keeps writing the history of beer worldwide.
Some of the Angram is also synonymous with “beer engine”, that is to say the most traditional among beer draught systems, since it has been manufacturing draught beer pump systems for ales with the cask system for a very long time now. 


Thanks to its interest in market evolution and to the technologic strength acquired when it joined the Celli Group, Angram presents the innovative Cylinderless beer pump. A system for traditional manual tapping but with all the support of modern tapping systems based on kegs and Co2 boost. The new beer pump solution that combines the old with the new. Above the bar, the Cylinderless Beer Pump delivers all of the theatre consumers enjoy and expect from an authentic and traditional hand pull action. However, below the bar, a damper and vari-flow valve allow the beer pump to be added seamlessly to modern gas and beer pump systems.

It’s the ideal solution for any brand that needs to combine authentic hand pull aesthetics with modern packaging and dispense. It works with a high-quality gas and beer pump, with no check valve required; the mechanism moves the beer with an applied pressure and the quality of the draft beer is, possibly, higher than ever.
All types of beer dispenser and beer cooling system by Celli deliver perfectly ice cold beers assuring the best control of beer flow and keeping intact the gas pressure and freshness.
One major part of the Celli Group mission is to provide a unique drinking experience, a true celebration of taste and of quality that passes first through any Celli Group beer tap.
Drink dispensing through tapping also offers bar managers lots of practical benefits for a greater efficiency, such as: reduced storage space, no need to refill refrigerated showcases, easier empties management and waste disposal, increased profitability and net savings on operating costs. Therefore the bar management becomes environmentally friendly reducing canned and bottled drinks, transport costs and waste products.

All types of Celli draft beer system are meant to promote a lower environmental impact using sustainable and energy-efficient components and dispensers, without giving up on quality or freshness of the beverage. In fact, the quality of dispensed drinks is higher than bottled or canned beverages and the overall drinking experience is maximized. Our beverage systems assure drink dispensing at the correct temperature and with a perfectly balanced pressure, allowing every beverage to retain their ideal sensory characteristics.
Beer consumption is growing as more and more breweries develop around the world, so every beer pump requested by enterpreneurs needs to achieve a distintive look that reflects the pub and its brand. Every faucet produced by Celli excel with their eye-catching body and a sophisticated finish for any client who desire to experiment. Celli mission foresees the promotion of craft beer and the draft world by encouraging to adopt draught instead of bottle and by offering made-in-Italy equipment, customized high-quality installations, efficient maintenance and sanitation services.
The Group has built a vision based on the value of draught beer and on a future where taps are the most popular way to enjoy beer.

Bar managers and owners are starting to realize that draught dispensing is way more engaging and far superior in freshness than bottled drinks, which will gradually disappear from bars, pubs and restaurants. Thanks to Celli experience and its innovative focus, the new beverage revolution has started.


But rituality and dramatization cannot exist without the most advanced innovation, and Celli has recently launched IntelliDraught, the telemetry platform for remote management of draught beer pump machines and related technical support services

Without neglecting the relationship with the consumer, smart beer pump equipment allows innovative payment systems and promotion mechanisms, dispensing data crossed with social media data for a sophisticated segmentation and engagement actions unimaginable until yesterday. 

The Celli Group, thanks to the expertise accrued over time, is able to open a traditional world like the beverage tapping one to endless possibilities and spaces, completely revolutionizing consumption