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We leverage the most advanced technologies to provide a unique response to our customer needs so as to accelerate the transition from the bottle to dispensing systems


It is essential to follow the evolution of the marketplace and consumer needs so that we can maintain our leadership in the world of beverage dispensing. Over the past 40 years, beer and many other beverages, each with their own specific characteristics, have been enhanced by our superior pouring. The Celli Group has always been able to create cutting-edge, high-quality, astonishingly beautiful, functional and sustainable solutions for each business, as well as offering its customers comprehensive management of the product's entire life cycle. A simple yet effective example? The development of drink machines like Acqua Alma Point for cold drinks or frozen beverages, which is able to offer a high-end quality service for every consumer need.

Already present in the UK, and with further two branches in Singapore and Moscow, the Celli Group continues to invest in the drink dispensing equipment global market consolidating its leadership position and its brand identity, despite the current pandemic and economic setback due to Covid -19.
The Celli Group has recently announced the opening of three branches in Germany, the U.S.A and Brazil.

The new European branch, in Dusseldorf, which provides for the opening of offices and a logistics warehouse, is part of a strategic market in which the company has been present for some time in all product categories (beer, soft drinks and water). It is also where Celli already has a network of high-level commercial employees. Celli Deutschland will bring further added value to the Group's business, in particular by allowing it to offer a new range of products specifically designed for the German market. This includes the development of the Acqua Alma brand in the world of drinking water dispensing and the implementation of innovative technical assistance services that the Group offers.

The opening of Celli North America, in the state of New York, will support the acceleration of growth in the world's leading beverage market. This will see Celli placed alongside the most significant multinationals in the sector as a strategic partner on technologically innovative projects. Thanks to commercial, logistic and production expansion plans, as well as technical assistance services, the American market will benefit from the high level of innovation of the Group's dedicated drinks dispensing solutions based on IOT systems and data analytics. This will work on proprietary algorithms already developed and consolidated in various countries around the world.

The third branch, Celli Latam, was opened in São Paulo in Latin America. This is a market in which Celli is already a leader. This opening in Brazil will give the Group an opportunity to be closer to its customers, guaranteeing support for structured growth, and will be managed by the Celli sales staff already present in South America. They will be able to rely on a consolidated network of distributors.


Our value proposition consists totally of Asset Management. Beverage dispensing equipment, Service & Data Management all start from a single source: this is a real opportunity for a virtuous cycle. With a widespread network of highly qualified technicians and forty years' experience in the business, Celli turns partnerships with beverage companies into genuine asset management. All this with a clear focus on customers and consumers.

The Celli Group has recently launched its own Asset Management Business in the UK. This step reinforces the Group's position in the customer service industry in the UK and completes the development of a center of excellence and innovation for Refurbishment, Field Service and Supply Chain. Each facility provides 'best-in-class service' to the customer with the UK as the first market leader in the world in terms of draft beer consumption and the number of beverage dispensing systems installed.

Started in 1981, the Refurbishment service is now offered to the market on a larger scale and with broader expertise. The process offers a turnkey solution from collection to return including diagnosis, refurbishment, testing, and packing. The Field Service operation sees Celli active alongside T&J Installations Ltd, which has been recently acquired within the Celli Group. The Supply Chain service has its new National Distribution Centre in Wetherby. This will guarantee prompt delivery of equipment and spare parts to the domestic market and other international markets.  The Celli Asset Management UK organization has also been strengthened with the addition of a strong Management Team in Celli UK with highly experienced competence and relevant knowledge in the industry.

With more than 40 years of experience, the Celli Group and its network are considered to be bywords for quality, reliability, design and innovation in beverage dispensing solutions.


Our beverage dispensing equipment has always been synonymous with innovative and eco-friendly technology, impactful branding and icon design. Today, as yesterday, we see quality as an essential core value. The beverage dispensing systems by the Celli Group assure cold drink dispensing at the correct temperature and with a perfectly balanced pressure, allowing every beverage to retain their ideal sensory characteristics.


We have always been strongly oriented towards service activities and stand by our clients throughout the product lifecycle: from installation to proper maintenance, sanitation and spare parts supply.


We are using digitisation to guide industry operators and consumers towards a total rewrite of the beverage dispensing world, more connected, usable, accessible, and immediate.

The innovative IoT platform Intelliwater for the remote management of installations is already used in the soft-drink and beverage dispensing equipment. Through this technology, Celli Group allows to monitor in real time the status of installations; rate of consumption; easy management of promotions, prices and payments; promptly and effectively managing service and maintenance on all types of water cooler or water dispenser installed. This is the future of our business.


Quality, design, technology and a passion for innovation: all without limits. The Celli Group has guaranteed its position as a leading world player; not only because of a range of solutions that can meet any need in the beverage dispensing industry, but above all, thanks to the support of a unique industrial organisation. The Group leveraged the industrial strength of six plants: three in Italy and three in the UK. That is more than 25,000 square metres working to serve the draft equipment industry.

The Group is a unique multinational platform, vertically integrated and with a clear identity. Each plant is in fact specialised in processing key components. In Italy, there are two plants: Celli, in San Giovanni in Marignano, which machine sheet and manufacture post mix plants for both soft drinks and beer; and the Cosmetal plant in Recanati, a centre specialising in the production of drinking water. In Biggleswade, England, we have developed Ads2, a centre of excellence for plastic parts, from design through to mould machining, plastic injection and vacuum forming, as well as digital printing, and traditional pad printing; in Thirsk, Angram Ltd is the largest plant for beer tower assembly; MF Refrigeration located in Sevenoaks, the UK's main independent manufacturer of all types of beer cooling system.

The excellence of its industrial processes, such as the application of the kai zen method, continuous improvement, lean manufacturing, and a certified quality system, has made the Celli Group European leader and third top global player, marketing its products in over 100 different countries.

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To drive a revolution in our business, we need to be supported by the strength of a highly efficient and competitive industrial hub. Supply chain control and in-house production are the keys to success for a modern international group.


Certifications and accreditations are an essential tool to demonstrate the quality and safety of products and production systems. At the same time, they are a way to communicate to our customers the integrity of the suppliers and the product they are about to purchase.
The constant engagement and the extension of the certification processes are the basis of the growth of the Celli Group. Our goal is to provide increasingly stronger guarantees to our customers on the quality of its products and services.