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Tradition & innovation of the draft beer system

The originality of Made in Italy meets the English tradition of the draft beer system

Celli is well-known for meeting its clients’ fundamental needs with the production of always innovative draft beer system machines. The company offers the best drinking experience by enhancing the sensory qualities of every beverage and the best branding experience, and by emphasising the brand identity in an even stronger and more qualified way than bottles or cans. Dispensed beverage quality is improved compared to bottled or canned beverages.

The draught allows to dispense a product with optimal sensory properties, enhancing taste and offering a pleasant feeling of freshness, while creating a comprehensive and consistent consumer experience, also from the visual viewpoint.

Draught is better, always
. This motto is at the basis of the vision of the Celli Group, which has been working for years to communicate the multiple benefits of a good and reliable draft beer system and beer dispensing equipment; from the quality of the drinking experience to the much debated issue of environmental sustainability.

Today, at world level, only 5% of beverages are consumed from the draught. There is a lot to do to carry on the challenge of dispensing and achieve significant results right now. Just consider that, if draught consumption grew from 5% to 6% in Italy, huge benefits could be obtained in one year, including water savings for an amount corresponding to 80 Olympic swimming pools and a 1,500-ton reduction of waste. The impact of beverage packaging, bottling, and transport is, in fact, much greater.

But system maintenance and the disposal of the waste produced through the consumption of bottled beverages also can turn out much more expensive in terms of environmental sustainability.


Celli has a clear mission: offering the best drinking experience to end consumers and a high-impact brand experience to producers; always using cutting-edge and reliable draft beer system and draft equipment to ensure more respect for the environment. Draught sustainability is certified by studies carried out according to the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) method. The tests performed by Carlsberg Italia on beer, PepsiCo Italia on soft drinks, and the Group on water clearly show that dispensing one pint of cold beer, soft drink, or water using draught beer systems is beneficial in all respects.

Thanks to the alliance between TRADITION and strong INNOVATION, Celli was able to meet the new requirements of consumers, bar keepers, manufacturers and beverage brands. This wide interpretation of its business and the market led the Group to turn to a country where beer has a long and deep heritage, consolidated by territorial customs and Celtic legends: England.


Thinking that beer consumption - constantly ousted by wine on Italian tables - could explode in Italy as it did seemed impossible only a short while ago. However, craft beer is becoming its very own hallmark. Thanks to a legion of beer consumers and beer lovers (with women’s consumption growing very close to men’s), determined to broaden the art of brewery, driven by curiosity, entrepreneurship and the desire to experiment. Statistics are very adamant about it, and they all lead to a single result: success on every front!

Over 20 million hectolitres consumed (+3.2% compared to 2017), leading to a consequent +4.7% increase in production; +6.6% exports, exceeding the 3 million hectolitre limit for the first time ever; +1.2% imports, for a total of almost 7 million hectolitres.

With these figures, we now rank 9th in Europe for production volume, and 5th for number of breweries. Particularly interesting is also the microbrewery sector, which has grown exponentially in the last years, insomuch as to boast some encouraging figures. There is a total of 862 microbreweries (mostly created and managed by young entrepreneurs), with a production growth of 4.3% - corresponding to approx. 500,000 hectolitres - compared to 2017.


Besides being the largest market in the world for ice cold beer consumption and its widespread art of draught, this country proudly defends its brewing tradition, treasuring its traditional methods and services, more than any other country in the world. For this reason, in the last two years the Group has concluded strategic acquisitions in England; thereby strengthening its leadership in the beverage industry. 

 In June 2015 Celli acquired the English Group ADS2, specializing in the design of customized and sophisticated draft beer system towers. Ads2 is able to offer a comprehensive expertise to create product customization and achieve the highest brand distinctiveness. Many elements contribute to the creation of an effective and impactful image: bespoke taps, creating glasses and merchandising and choosing the tower design. With Ads2, the Group becomes the player to be selected to indissolubly link the brand strategy of the most important beverage companies (Heineken, AB InBev, SABMiller, etc.) with a product able to ensure an unforgettable drinking experience. By acquiring the British group Ads2, Celli intended to address one of the most important need of its customers – enjoy the best brand experience.


• In May 2017, the Group acquired Angram Ltd, a British company with over 40 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing the finest-quality models of draft beer dispenser, beer pump, beer tap, tap handles and more for cask, draft beer and cider brands; the Company mission is to help them to look better, perform better and stand out from the crowd. Angram dominates the UK market with its knowledge in pump draught for ales. A talented and highly skilled team with over 50 employees, a sales, manufacturing, storage and distribution centre exceeding 3,000 m² in Thirsk – the Angram site in Northern Yorkshire that it’s entirely dedicated to the manufacture of both traditional, custom and free-flow cask pumps – and a customer base including some of the most prestigious names in the world of draught and English pubs. Moving production to a dedicated site is the first step towards optimising flows, with special focus on a product that keeps writing the history of beer worldwide.
Some of the Angram is also synonymous with “beer engine”, that is to say the most traditional among the draft beer system solutions, since it has been manufacturing draught pumps for ales with the cask draw system for a very long time now. 


• Lastly, in March 2018, Celli acquired FJE Plastic Development Ltd, an English company specialized in injected plastic moulding, vacuum forming and graphic customisation; three critical processes for the manufacturing of many components of Celli models of beer cooling system and draft beer system. FJE has recently introduced the use of recycled plastic to become environmentally sustainable and to give our customers the chance to develop projects of circular economy, transferring part of their discarded products into new components that take on a new life.
The integration of FJE establishments allowed the strengthening of the Group’s industrial organization in the United Kingdom with benefits also for the Italian manufacturing plants, the consolidation of the vertical integration strategy, already widely in place with the LAM subsidiaries, specializing in metal sheet working, and ADS2 Print Division, but also the possibility manage directly a critical working process, as plastic moulding


The main goal is to maximise the use of our present resources, operators and draft beer system machines to build a strong organisation that responds effectively to the market requests and makes production management leaner and more efficient.

Strengthened by the latest acquisitions, Celli can now count on a truly comprehensive range of draft beer systems, towers, taps and beer tap coolers, custom-designed and respecting tradition, to meet the requirements of beverage brands anywhere in the world – today and tomorrow.