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Choose the right beer tap among the wide range by Celli

A perfect drinking experience starts with a performing beer tap

In order to address the needs of different dispensing traditions around the world, the Celli Group developed in time the broadest range of all types of beer tap ever. Designed to dispense the perfect pint of draught beer, the new beer tap dispensers are now true cornerstones in the sector of draft beer dispensing equipment.

CELLI offers one of the widest range of draft beer towers, coooling systems and beer tap faucets, which meet the requirements of most worldwide markets.
The whole range of beer spouts is characterized by a smart design that is easily recognizable at first sight. The materials used alongside their design, technology and manufacturing process are of the highest quality within the beverage industry. Many designs and technical innovations by Celli are protected by international patents.

All beer tap models in brass are first coated with foodgrade nickel through a galvanic process and subsequently gold or chrome-plated. 

These draught installations enhance the barman’s work in the art of pouring, which represents a source of pride and motivation for barmen. The beer tap spouts by Celli are pure design elements that intensify the point of consumption and multiply the consumer experience with barman professionalism by making draught drinks.

Plus, the branding and customization of Celli beer faucets turn them into icon of style and functionality and make the brand personality stand out. Ads2 is the application of branding to design creating new customisation opportunities and solutions and assuring a memorable drinking experience.


Celtic draft beer tap, characterized by a treated brass or stainless steel body and a vertical piston for dispensing in the truest English style. With or without a pressure compensator, this beer tap features an integrated or applied stainless steel or plastic nozzle, with an optional sparkler for stout ice cold draft beer dispensing. 

Globus beer spout, with its characteristic spherical shape, designed to provide the best dispensing standards for different market types. All the parts of the Globus B tap can be dismantled to allow for regular maintenance and cleaning, and to prevent dripping when the drink has been pulled they have a drainage hole.
For the beer tap version without compensator there is a stainless steel shaft and a treated brass body, and with a plastic food-grade liner inside so that the drink is never in contact with the body of the nickel-plated stainless steel brass tap. The shaft will be available with a 5/8” thread or else 1/2 with a 7mm, and also with John Guest cartridges, the lengths are standard Celli: 35mm, 47mm or 65mm.
 Beer tap Globus B with compensator Celli
FC beer tap (in the FC/2 and FC/4 versions), the flagship product of the Celli range, introducing new market standards. These are, in fact, the most popular taps in the world and feature a horizontal piston opening with pressure compensator and direct flow in the versions: brass/chromed and gilt, plastics, and stainless steel.
For improved resistance, the FC4 beer tap versions in brass can be treated with Titanium by means of a PVD process (Physical Vapour Deposition), whilst for the stainless steel versions the gold finish is exclusively available in PVD. All Celli taps with compensator can be equipped with a protected flow-control device. The whole range of FC2, FC4 beer tap models are SK approved. 
Beer tap FC4 compensator Celli
The new Celli Zaragoza beer tap promises the perfect beer. In fact, inside the tower, liquid only comes into contact with stainless steel parts specifically designed for the food and drink sector. The tower’s internal structure facilitates the flow of beer and prevents the excess formation of foam or unnecessary splashback.
Corrosion-resistant and copper-free, the Zaragoza beer tap is highly recommended for use with beers that are served with a head (Paulaner, Stout, Ale, Porter and wheat or malt beers); in fact, the tap is able to cleverly control foam quantity and consistency. The tap is made of stainless steel, equipped with a compensator and comes with a robust faucet handle to control pressure. One major part of the corporate mission is to provide a unique drinking experience, a true celebration of taste and of quality that passes first through the Celli Group taps.
 Beer tap Zaragoza Celli


Drink dispensing through tapping also offers bar managers lots of practical benefits for a greater efficiency. Reduced storage space, no need to refill refrigerated showcases, easier empties management and waste disposal, increased profitability and net savings on operating costs. Therefore the bar management becomes environmentally friendly reducing canned and bottled drinks, transport costs and waste products.

All draft systems are meant to promote a lower environmental impact using sustainable and energy-efficient components and beer dispensers, without giving up on quality or freshness of the beverage. In fact, the quality of dispensed drinks is higher than bottled or canned beverages and the overall drinking experience is maximized. Our beverage systems assure drink dispensing at the correct temperature and with a perfectly balanced pressure, enhancing the sensory characteristics of the beverage.


Draft beer consumption is growing as more and more breweries develop around the world, so a beer tap requested by enterpreneurs needs to achieve a distintive look that reflects the pub and its brand. Every faucet produced by Celli excel with their eye-catching body and a sophisticated finish for any client who desire to experiment.

Celli mission foresees the promotion of craft beer and the draft world by encouraging to adopt draught instead of bottle; also by offering 100% Made in Italy equipment, customized high-quality installations, efficient maintenance and sanitation services. Discover Angram, the British company of the Celli Group specialized in draught beer tap equipment.

The Group has built a vision based on the value of draught beer and on a future where taps are the most popular way to enjoy a perfectly ice cold beer. Bar managers and owners are starting to realize that draught dispensing through an efficient and reliable draft beer system and beer cooling system is way more engaging and far superior in freshness than bottled drinks; which will gradually disappear from bars, pubs and restaurants.

Thanks to Celli experience and its innovative focus, the new beverage revolution has started.

Discover the strategic business areas and the unique platform behind the design and production processes for our exceptional drink dispensing equipment.