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Home | Stories | A new acquisition for the Celli Group: MF refrigeration, the leader in the UK market for the production of the beer cooling system, and refrigeration systems.

A new acquisition for the Celli Group: MF refrigeration, the leader in the UK market for the production of the beer cooling system, and refrigeration systems.

Thanks to the operation, in 2019 the Group will hit over 130 million in consolidated pro forma sales, growing as well into the beer cooling system business.


The Celli Group announces the acquisition of MF Refrigeration, main producer of refrigerated cooling equipment for draught beer in the UK market.

The company, which operates from two factories south of London, distinguishes itself for its strong vertical integration, carrying out in-house almost all of the operations and guaranteeing as such maximum control over all processes. MF offers a complete range of products whose excellent quality is recognized by all its clients, among them are the great international groups - Heineken, Carlsberg, Molson Coors, Asahi – and regional breweries.

MF Refrigeration offers a wide range of glycol cooling systems but can also manufacture bespoke solutions for specialist applications. Their power packs are the ideal solution for eliminating air-cooled long draw systems. The high reliability of the glycol cooling system maintains the right delivery temperature for beer in every situation and allows MF Refrigeration’s cooling equipment to successfully deliver the perfect cold beer.

Celli, who for over 40 years now has been a leader in the design, engineering and production of dispensing systems for beverages, continues to invest into the UK market, leader for dispensed beer consumption, consolidating as such its own position of leadership. Thanks to the acquisition of MF Refrigeration, which comes after that of ADS2 in 2015, Angram in 2017, FJE in 2018, all of them from the UK market

In 2019, the Group will exceed 130 million in consolidated pro forma sales. With a production capacity greater than 20.000 coolers per year and approximately 70 employees, MF Refrigeration supplies its clients with a complete range of solutions: from the series of cooling products to custom equipment for special applications, from post-sale services to reconditioning of clients’ equipments. MF distinguishes itself thanks to its strong attention to energy efficiency in order to reduce energy consumption and management costs, without compromising performance, and guaranteeing the reduction of CO2 emissions and the impact on global warming.


‘’MF is a family-owned business explains Michael Filmer, Managing Director MF Refrigeration with a 30 year history in the area of refrigerated cooling equipment for beer dispensing. We have profound know-how and a high level of quality recognised by the market. We are honoured to be able to be a part of the Celli Group, business leader on an international level, thanks to which we will have an opportunity to accelerate the development of our organisation’’.

“I have known MF and the Filmer family for many years
– states Nigel Farrar, Managing Director of Celli UK – and I am extremely satisfied and honoured of the fact that they have chosen to join the Celli Group in the United Kingdom, to create an organization of market leadership, capable of offering to all our customers the most complete range of products for beer dispensing’’.

Mauro Gallavotti, CEO Celli Group states: “The Celli Group, leader in the design and production of equipment for dispensing every type of beverage, with this acquisition plans to strengthen itself in the chosen category, beer, and at the same time demonstrate their trust in the UK market, especially in a period of great uncertainty’’.