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Celli Group innovates in the beverage dispensing market with digital thread strategies

Celli Group together with Accenture and PTC to make the most of 'smart' machine data


To face the challenges of the market of beverage dispensing equipment and accelerate the digital transformation, Celli Group has collaborated with Accenture and PTC to develop a competitive digital strategy, based on IoT tools and PLM solutions.
The goal: to create a digital thread that runs through the entire product life chain, strengthening the interconnections between the products themselves, the processes, the people and the development phases.

The digital thread, in fact, enables the digitization of processes within the organization. Data is collected and used throughout the entire product life cycle: from design and prototyping, to field testing, manufacturing and field service. The continuous flow of updates and feedback allows to improve the strategy in real time and never stop product evolution. 
This is Celli Group's key to designing competitive and revolutionary beverage dispensing systems.

In addition, the connected range allows the development of smart warranty contracts, the guarantee of which starts from the actual activation of the machines and is remodeled over time based on the correct use of the machines by users.

In a dynamic economic scenario like the current one, Celli Group is able to offer innovative solutions to create cutting-edge business opportunities.

Celli Group innovates the beverage market through a digital thread strategy with Accenture and PTC
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