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Acqua Alma will hydrate the sweetest trade fair: SIGEP 2022

Acqua Alma is bringing its microfiltered water dispensing solutions to SIGEP 2022, the Dolce World EXPO


The Celli Group is pleased to confirm that it will be attending SIGEP 2022 – one of the most important global sector events – with its Acqua Alma brand. This historically strategic event will take place at Rimini Exhibition Centre from 12 to 16 March 2022, kicking the year off with the coming together of leading Italian and international players from the confectionery, ice cream, and coffee sectors at a top-rate venue.

The Group will be back to surprise and inspire the public with its latest beverage dispensing innovations.

SIGEP 2022 trends: flavour, quality, creativity, and sustainability

Recently renamed The Dolce World EXPO, SIGEP is an important event that sets the pace for one of the world's most dynamic sectors. It also provides a comprehensive overview of the industry’s latest trends. New (and increasingly sustainable) consumer and business needs, innovation, technology, and new market strategies will be the main trends in 2022.

Consumers are becoming more and more eco-friendly, and as such, food & beverage companies and H&R businesses have started to adopt a more sustainable approach over the last two years. This is demonstrated by the introduction of energy-efficient technologies, new biodegradable and environmentally sustainable materials, and a commitment to step up contributions to a sustainable transition.

Thanks to recent digitalisation efforts, the H&R sector has the potential to make a major qualitative leap. This is why the Celli Group has chosen to bring innovation and sustainability to SIGEP 2022. These two concepts have always underpinned the Group's consolidation and growth strategies and have also helped Celli to support the catering business and satisfy end customers.

In fact, several projects to suit a range of needs have been developed around these two concepts, including Acqua Alma Green Restaurant, Acqua Alma Green Office, and Acqua Alma Green Family.

Acqua Alma Green Restaurant highlights: hygiene, safety, and smart technology

Given the current health situation, a significant qualitative leap needs to be made with regard to the comfort and safety of public spaces. These days, taking hygiene seriously is not only an obligation, but a way of protecting us all. Several companies in the H&R sector have begun to explore the possibility of using their experience and expertise to help sanitise bars, restaurants, and hotels.

A concrete example is the Acqua Alma Green Restaurant project and Celli's new EVO range of smart and touchless dispensers, which use a combination of UV-C and ozone technology. At SIGEP 2022, visitors to the Celli Group stand will be able to try out its brand-new Niagara EVO and Hi-Class EVO 65 models, and serve themselves microfiltered water the smart way. Users will be able to communicate with water dispensers by scanning the NFC tag or QR code in an app, before submitting an order without having to touch the dispenser at all.

A flavoursome fair full of sustainability

A sustainable approach can be adopted when out and about, but also (and especially) inside the home. Consumer habits have changed in recent years, including the way people consume and use water both inside and outside the home. More and more people are realising that their current consumption habits are unsustainable and that a radical change is needed.

Acqua Alma will also be bringing the Acqua Alma Green Family to SIGEP 2022. This new solution promotes conscious hydration and a sustainable way of drinking water at home. The project is set to change the consumption habits of all households thanks to dispensing systems that provide good-quality, safe water in the comfort of your own home. These practical and versatile water dispensers can be installed quickly and adapted to perfectly suit any home environment, as demonstrated by Celli’s wide selection of overcounter and undercounter dispensers.

Our Acqua Alma solutions will be waiting for you at SIGEP 2022, which will mark the beginning of a year full of international events, with Celli Group and Acqua Alma playing a leading role.

Acqua Alma water dispensers at Sigep 2022, Hall D3 - Stand 084