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Innovation and Sustainability: Cosmetal flies to Amsterdam for Aquatech 2021

‘Don’t recycle, refill’ is the message that Cosmetal will bring to Aquatech 2021, to promote a more sustainable drinking water consumption


For the third edition in a row, Cosmetal - a company belonging to the Celli Group, European leader in the design and production of beverage dispensing equipment - will take part in the international Aquatech 2021 fair, which will be held in Amsterdam between 2 and 5 November.

In the last year, we were able to reflect on the water sector only remotely, and we kept the debate alive only through webinars and virtual informative moments, without an actual direct discussion. However, despite the issues caused by the Covid-19 pandemics, many things happened around water, in a very challenging path full of developments that conveyed an excellent signal.

Aquatech 2021 : solutions for a more sustainable lifestyle

With Aquatech 2021 edition, we can finally see each other in person and resume a constructive debate, along with all the stakeholders that will make this trade an actual international showcase, capable of offering a thorough overview of the current global market.
The event will target national and international participants, interested in discovering the latest technological developments for water transformation, treatment and consumption.

Every 2 years, there are over 850 exhibitors from 140 Countries and 21,000 field professionals, bringing their knowledge and expertise on water technologies, distribution, digitization, and sustainability. A field at the centre of deep reflections, arisen by the growing focus on sustainable topics that the pandemic emergency remarked, and that led to the assessment of more sustainable industrial models and lifestyles.
Water has become more and more a strategic priority, based on which field companies are implementing essential innovations to overcome historical issues and create a sustainable future.

Cosmetal brings its solutions for a ‘smart’ and responsible water consumption to Aquatech 2021

Always attentive to tech development and environmental sustainability, Cosmetal will showcase the latest filtered water dispensing solutions, designed and produced with technologies aimed at reducing the consumption of bottled water and at environmental savings.

Among the most innovative ideas, the new EVO range of water dispenser solutions. Design and sustainability in a single system, like the Niagara EVO and Niagara EVO Smart models exhibited at the trade fair will show. High-tech and digital dispensers, for a safe and sustainable water consumption in any office, restaurant and public space.
Along with the new EVO machines, many other digital solutions for a sustainable hydrating solution, compliant with hygiene standards, such as the Waterbar and the new touchless versions.

Come see us at Hall 01, stand 170.
Don't recycle, refill! Cosmetal and the Celli Group will be at Aquatech 2021