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Celli Asia is the 'Best Italian Small and Medium Enterprise' in Singapore

Annual ICCS Business Awards presentation to Italian Companies

The Celli Group receives another important award, this time from the Far East. The eleventh annual ICCS Business Awards were held yesterday, 8th October at 11:00 am (Italian time) with the Italian Ambassador, Raffaele Langella and the President of the ICCS, Alberto Maria Martinelli in attendance. Moderator for the winners’ roundtable discussion was Paolo Misurale, Partner of Bain&CO and ICCS Board Member.

The Evaluation Committee chose to reward two important Italian excellences, which have distinguished themselves for their investment and innovations in Singapore and in the ASEAN area. Also, this year, for the first time, in conjunction with the Italian Women’s Group in Singapore, the ICCS will be presenting an award to the businesswoman of the year.

Winner of the Best Italian Small and Medium Enterprise category is Celli Asia, a business division of Celli-Group-Italia-Asia-Singapore-Executive-Director-Christian-Biserna-beverage-dispensing-equipmentthe Celli Group, as well as a reference point for the Asian market since 1997. Executive Director, Christian Biserna, has this to say about the award: “It’s been a very challenging year for us, as our industry in particular is a 'social' industry and so with this distancing that has happened due to Covid, it has created a new way to reflect on how we connect and communicate with our customers and then, they with their consumers. We provide beer and drinking experiences and so our entire philosophy is orientated around 'being together'. So, it's been interesting to develop strong connections of trust, over a zoom call or a phone call - it's not been easy but we have all adapted well.”.