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World Water Day 2020: everyone has a role to play, starting with filtered water

The commitment of Cosmetal and the Group in support of the Value of water

The 2020 edition of World Water Day  - established in 1992 by the United Nations - focuses on three concepts of considerable importance: "We cannot afford to wait. Water can help fight climate change. Everyone has a role to play.” We are all protagonists in determining the future of this precious and, unfortunately, scarce resource; we must all form an active part of the change and implement activities aimed at safeguarding the environment in which we live.

Safeguarding one of the most precious resources we have, water, is precisely the mission of the Group. The Company aims to revolutionize the way we consume filtered water, starting from the assumption that the future of our planet depends on both a more conscious use of this resource and getting rid of disposable containers. As a matter of fact, Italy is the 1st country in the world in terms of bottled filtered water consumption, with 188 liters per capita per year.

A record that the Group wants to diminish thanks to Acqua Alma. The first brand of filtered water whose mission is to enhance the water network by promoting the transition from a "disposable" to a "refill" logic with a filtered water dispenser. The broadest range of all types of filtered water cooler and filtered water dispenser for on-the-go, home or office filtered water consumption.

The Acqua Alma beverage dispensing solutions include a water filter that has concrete advantages in terms of water quality and eco-sustainability, compared to traditional bottled water. The filtration process produces purified water, removes contaminants and bacteria and allows a water flow that facilitate the recirculation. The shared mission of the Celli Group and Cosmetal is to implement a cultural conversion of filtered water consumption, to restore all types of water to its original nature - controlled, zero km, without waste and with a common advantage for the final consumer and the environment.


The Group’s goal is to enhance the water network and rebalance a consumption model that is far too oriented towards bottled water; the Group is the main partner of the Water Value Community for Italy, established by The European House - Ambrosetti to create a high-level multi-stakeholder platform on managing water sources as a driver of competitiveness and industrial development, with the aim of making proposals to the government and the "country system".

The Observatory of the Water Value Community for Italy has drawn up a decalogue of concrete action and proposals aimed at the country system that allows water resources to be managed efficiently and sustainably, taking into account that water resources have an impact on 10 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda and that even as of today 25% of the world population is suffering stress from lack of water.  


The conclusive work by the Community was the White Paper "Water Value for Italy", presented last March 18 in a 100% digital event by Rosalba Reggio, Sole 24 Ore Web TV Manager, and Valerio De Molli, Managing Partner & CEO of The European House – Ambrosetti; authorities from the institutional world participated, as did representatives of some of the most advanced realities in Italy's water supply chain, including the Celli Group represented by CEO Mauro Gallavotti.

Every one of us must bear the burden as an integral part of an ecosystem, not just world institutions and large companies in the water supply chain; the future of our planet can no longer wait.
Let’s learn to make responsible, sustainable and simple choices, like a glass of safe drinking water.