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Acqua Alma at Ecomondo 2021

Renewable energies and improved water efficiency: an ideal context for Acqua Alma’s sustainable solutions

The Rimini trade fair is finally reopening its doors from 26 to 29 October to combine the Ecomondo and Key Energy 2021 events into a single platform. It is an innovative format for an international trade fair which brings together all the circular economy sectors ranging from raw material and energy recovery to sustainable development.

On one hand Ecomondo, one of Europe’s environmental transition benchmark trade fairs presenting new circular and regenerative economics models; on the other Key Energy, an event focusing on the latest technological and industrial innovations for renewable energy promotion.

It is the ideal place for the Celli Group, and even more so for Acqua Alma’s sustainable filtered water dispensing solutions, fostering appropriate use of water resources and water efficiency in Italy and the world.

Greater space for systems promoting greater water use efficiency such as Acqua Alma’s digital and connected solutions, for sustainable hydration and a revolutionary ‘smart’ drinking water everywhere concept. Whether it is for home and office drinking water or water outside the home, Acqua Alma's are the best universally accessible good, safe drinking water dispensing solutions fitting perfectly into all contexts.

The future begins with cities: Acqua Alma Green City, Green Office and Green Restaurant

Smart cities are the hot topic these days, as a wellbeing and resident-need based city model. City residents play a key role in making towns and cities more sustainable and ‘smarter’. These are the people who choose how to support their habits and everyday pace of life.

Underlying the Acqua Alma Green City, Acqua Alma Green Office and Acqua Alma Green Restaurant projects is a desire to move our habits and, more specifically, our drinking water consumption, in the direction of more environmentally sustainable models. Opting for innovative digital systems such as Acqua Alma’s means choosing a ‘smart’ idea capable of improving our lifestyle quality and fostering sustainable community development.

Acqua Alma
stands for ecosustainable hydration, digital, connected systems, accessible and always available drinking water. The new Acqua Alma Green City, Green Restaurant and Green Office projects were specially designed to facilitate environmentally friendly lifestyles outside the home too.

Smart living: what sustainable home and apartment block choices mean

Speeding up digital and environmental transition in the cities means taking a fresh look at home spaces and what we use for our drinking water everyday in particular. This is where Acqua Alma Green Family and Acqua Alma Green Building drinking water and water dispensing systems come into play. Installing professional home dispensing systems means good, zero miles, sustainable and safe drinking water within every family's reach, including various types of water - still, sparkling, cold or room temperature. Design solutions adaptable to all kitchens including worktop systems and those connecting to a tap below the worktop.

Acqua Alma has also designed a system giving whole apartment blocks access to quality water: Acqua Alma Green Building. Installing a water dispenser capable of micro-filtering mains water for all apartment block residents means being able to fill up bottles and flasks without leaving home. Connecting up dispensers, the Acqua Alma Refill App also makes it possible for individuals and families to create a personal profile which the app recognises, measure the money saved and the environmental impact of their actions.

Come and find out more about Acqua Alma solutions at our stand. We’ll be waiting for you at pavilion D6, stand 023.
The sustainable solutions of Acqua Alma at the Ecomondo 2021 fair