Space for sustainability and digitization with a rich programme of dedicated phygital appointments


The Celli Group restarts the exhibition activities starting from an event of absolute importance: the Host 2021 fair, which will take place in Milan from 22 to 26 October. Now in its 42nd edition, it represents one of the most important events in the water tech field on a global scale, already well attended by the Italian industry. Host will be the reference point for the Ho.Re.Ca sector, and the privileged platform for all professional operators who want to know company news and understand market trends.
A complete insight into world hospitality and hôtellerie, and the latest developments in the sector in terms of equipment, raw materials, equipment and semi-finished products. All accompanied by a rich program of conferences in phygital mode, during which experts and top players will share their knowledge and experiences.

Among the values and actions promoted this year, green solutions to foster the sustainable development of business and companies take on a leading role, pushing entrepreneurs and consumers to be protagonists of the change in daily consumption outside the home. With its increasingly digital and connected water and beverage dispensing systems, the Celli Group will focus on overcoming the use of single-use plastic by the beverage industry, and on a more sustainable consumption model: the refill.
Sustainability and digitalization in perfect synergy with each other, give life to interactive 'smart' products inspired by the logic of the refill of one's own bottle or container. Consumers and managers of bars and restaurants are ready to make a difference and to make this evolution. The future is beyond the bottle.

To share the latest updates on the Group and all the news from the world of beverage dispensing, we have scheduled a rich series of phygital events, which will be possible to follow live from our stand and on the social channels of the Celli Group (Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn) and Acqua Alma (Facebook and Instagram). New, smarter and more connected products for the supply of water, beer and cocktails, new technologies for the hygiene and safety of beverage dispensing, and the latest trends in the beverage sector.

Here are all the phygital appointments of the Celli Group at the Host 2021 fair

The opening of the stand on Friday 22 October at 3.30 pm will be inaugurated by Mauro Gallavotti, CEO of the Celli Group, with an update on the Celli Group and the beverage dispensing business.
Followed on Saturday 23 October at 11:30 am Daniele Agosto, Product Marketing & Group Customer Service Director, and at 3:30 pm Adalberto Pizzi, CEO Celli Asset Management, presenting respectively all the news in the world of beer and the new business area of the Celli Group: Celli Asset Management. Sunday 24 October at 11:30 am space for the sustainability of drinking water with an intervention by Mauro Gallavotti, while in the afternoon, at 3:30 pm, Daniele Ceccarini, Group Technical Director, and Daniele Agosto, will talk to us about hygiene and safety in beverage dispensing. Finally, the appointments on Monday 25 October will be dedicated to the digitization of beverage dispensing solutions, at 11:30 am by Cesare Schiatti, Digital Solution Business Manager, and to the highly anticipated presentation of the new Evo range, the new reference point. for the water supply, 3.30 pm by Daniele Agosto.

Also, a daily appointment with the revolution in the art of cocktails: every day at 5:45 pm at our stand and live on the social channels of the Celli Group, we will talk about the new digital Cocktail Machine system, the solution capable of preparing exceptional alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails in just a few seconds. Seeing is believing!

Sustainability everywhere with the new EVO range

The Celli Group boasts a complete and innovative range of products aimed at all commercial channels: office, domestic and Ho.Re.Ca. The water dispensers produced by the Cosmetal company for bars and restaurants represent the smartest and most sustainable solution to satisfy customers and achieve maximum service efficiency.

To meet all the needs of managers and customers, the new EVO range is born. Fruit of the success of the Niagara range, Niagara EVO is a water dispenser designed to support the ho.re.ca channel. in the improvement and efficiency of their services. This digital water dispenser is characterized by the cloud connection with Intelliwater, the standard touchless technology and the UVC-LED system for sanitizing the water supplied. Every aspect of the digital interaction with the user is customizable, through recognition with NFC reader and QR code camera, or via the App and the practical Smart Bottle.

eMIX digital valve for ‘smart’ drink dispensing

At the fair at Host 2021, eMIX is an innovative device that will surely become one of the flagship products of the Host 2021 fair and the best ally of every barista and manager.

A digital valve, developed in partnership with Dolphing Fluidics, allows continuous management of the supply by exploiting the technology of shape-memory materials. In addition, the connection to the Celli cloud system allows for diagnostic and alarm monitoringremote configuration and real-time analytics. As a retrofit solution, it can digitize a traditional installed base, transforming it into smart.

The secret for state-of-the-art cocktails

Cocktail Machine is a flexible and intuitive solution that traces the future of the bar, enhancing the professionalism of the barman and maximum creative freedom. Infinite combinations of personalized drinks, from classic aperitifs and long drinks to tropical or non-alcoholic cocktails.
Cocktail Machine is available in different versions, which adapt perfectly to any space requirement in bars, restaurants and hotels. The Cocktail Machine can be installed under the bar counter or in the immediate vicinity, or by placing directly on the worktop. After a few minutes of installation, Cocktail Machine is ready to serve over 80 types of high-quality cocktails.

At the Host 2021 fair, it will be possible to experience first-hand the Cocktail Machine and excellent cocktails, ready in just one click.

We are waiting for you in hall 13 - booth G23 / H14 and on the Group’s and Acqua Alma social media channels, to present these and other news and offer the advice of our specialized team.

Celli Group will be at the Host 2021 fair
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