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Acqua Alma speaks English and German and provides sustainable hydration!

The leading Italian treated water brand, now available on the English and German markets.


Acqua Alma is the leading Italian filtered water brand and from today is ready to provide sustainable hydration to the English and German markets too. The new English and German versions of the Acqua Alma website formalizes this important step towards the internationalization of the brand, which was created in Italy about two years ago by the Celli Group.

The graphics have been completed reworked, while still closely respecting the unique, unmistakeable Acqua Alma style. 
Acqua Alma’s values and mission are found in the section BEYOND THE BOTTLE, where - in addition finding “10 good reasons” to choose Acqua Alma and the ”manifesto” - the user can also explore the Acqua Alma system. Moreover, Acqua Alma is today's answer to the need for “new consumers and new lifestyles” that are connected, digital, and pay more 
attention to quality and sustainability.

Acqua Alma is most importantly a HOLISTIC SOLUTION, constantly present in our everyday lives: at home, at work, at the gym, at the restaurant, at the airport. In the dedicated section, the user can find out how to have constantly available, good, safe water that is microfiltered by the Cosmetal professional plant.
ABOUT WATER is the section filled with stories and news about the world of water, a world made of sustainability and daily commitment, containing testimonies from people who with us choose to implement a cultural conversion of consumption every day, to finally restore water to its best nature: respected and controlled, that is good for us and the planet.

Come and see us at and happy browsing!
The English version of the Acqua Alma web site.
The English version of the Acqua Alma web site.
The German version of the Acqua Alma web site.
    Visit the new Acqua Alma web site and find out the English and German versions. VISIT THE WEBSITE