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A unique tower, an exclusive limited edition.

A perfect combination of passion, power, and strength gave life to The Bull, a unique creation of Celli designed by Pininfarina for Jupiler, a brand of the AB InBev group.
The project stems from Jupiler’s pursuit of innovation through the introduction of a creative installation, capable to establish a new design vision in the industry. The purpose was to create a sculpture, an object capable to communicate the founding principles of Jupiler – passion, strength, masculinity – combined with the strongest values of Celli – quality, innovation, technology – and with the DNA of Pininfarina, made of elegance and pureness. Starting from the bull – the symbol of Jupiler –  and its movements, the Pininfarina team designed fluid and elegant lines, with organic and harmonious shapes. Celli gave life to these shapes by providing a unique frame for The Bull, based on a strong backbone – the top – that supports three ribs – the dispensing towers. A fourth rib ensures the balance and dynamism of the structure, and accommodates a backlit logo that, combined with the bull’s head on the base, strongly communicates the spirit of Jupiler. Moreover, the selected colours – red and metallic – give an iconic and elegant character to the structure, while emphasizing the combination of passion and innovation.
The Bull was conceived as an evolution of the classic tower – from a functional object to a major furnishing item capable to enhance the personality of a location. This sophisticated structure, in fact, ensures a strong communication of the brand, while allowing continuous improvement of its positioning. Through this partnership with Celli and Pininfarina, Jupiler has succeeded in providing a unique visual experience, combined with the excellent taste of a skilfully dispensed beer.