Ultimate style in the world’s most beautiful concerns


For many years now Celli has been promoting the best drinking and branding experience all over the world with its unique dispensing systems, combining a high visual impact with cutting-edge technologies.

Celli’s products make up a distinctive trait of concerns that focus on experience, allowing brand producers to communicate the whole power of their brands, bartenders to display their professional skills with confidence, and consumers to be part of the most engaging drinking experience.

Celli’s is a true trade mark that offers its customers creative systems capable to establish a new design vision in concerns, and the opportunity to enjoy the unique taste of beer dispensed in the best possible way.

“Among all kinds of architectures, cafés, bars, restaurants, and pubs all around the world are the best reflection of social trends,” explains Giorgia Ottaviani, Marketing & Communication Manager at Celli. “As social reference points, these concerns offer the best expression of design, capturing present trends or even creating new ones. As a pioneer, Celli has been designing its systems for some time as an evolution of classical towers – from functional objects to furnishing highlights, capable to enhance a place’s personality.”

This is the rationale at the basis of the GlamFonts tower range, interpreting the most popular styles and trends in the concerns of the world’s main cities.

Celli decided to give its towers iconic finishes, using groundbreaking materials and techniques, to help concerns set up trendy ambiances in line with architectural developments, as well as engage and fascinate customers. This research resulted into an original and innovative collection that perfectly matches with the latest interior design trends.

“These towers were given a new livery for their debut in the main concerns all around the world. The iconic Luxury, Contemporary, Minimal, Hi-Tech, and Wood finishes are designed to further enhance the personality of these curvy towers, boasting a modern luxury look and a high-impact style,” continues Ms. Ottaviani. “Moreover, the GlamFonts tower range provides a variety of styles to ensure perfect integration with each concern’s concepts and aesthetics.”

In a highly competitive business, with brands playing a more and more strategic role in consumer choices, this allows to transform dispensing towers from purely functional objects to innovative furnishing items. “Today Celli’s systems are not just well integrated as interior design elements,” explains Ms. Ottaviani, “but they also act as true communication vehicles for beer producers, projecting consumers towards futurist scenarios.”

Success came quickly: the pub ‘The Italian Job’ in London chose to install 10 Lotus Wood towers from the Celli GlamFonts range for a modern style of its premises and to serve over 12 Italian draught beers. Overseas, the Valy High-Tech towers, also from the GlamFonts range, were selected and installed at Cervejaria Walfanger in Brazil, where the concern’s modern architecture and urban design are enhanced by the carbon fibre finishes of the Valy towers that do not go unobserved on the counter. More GlamFonts towers were installed in Canada, Myanmar, Italy, the UK, and other countries, and the Kompania Piwowarska brewery bought over 200 units for its Cyder Green Mill brand, to be installed in several concerns across Poland.

“We designed our towers to epitomize the unique creative versatility of Celli,” concludes Ms. Ottaviani, “and we want them to stand out to enhance the customer experience. We are extremely proud about their debut in the main concerns all over the world and their huge success.”